My work integrates five discrete areas of creative practice: video; drawing; photography; digital printmaking, and installation. Some of my prints are purely photographic in nature, while others combine photographic elements with scanned details of drawings. These images are built up through the blending of sampled layers and the addition of textual and digitally rendered formal elements. Output may take the form of printed editions, books or photographic- or video-installations. My drawings evolve through an accumulation of marks and surfaces that are drawn, transferred by rubbing, collaged, or printed, and represent an exploratory mediation between abstraction and figuration. 
It is my intention to produce images within which a visual event, such as a gestural mark or form, can simultaneously declare its individual character, while demonstrating a dynamic connection to others. This requires the integration of a variety of media and approaches, and enables the work to evolve in a non-linear fashion, allowing me to integrate visual elements produced under different circumstances and at different times. Each impulse within the work is something to work with and to work against. If anything, a finished image is the embodiment of a transformational process, in which the tensions between diverse, and even oppositional, elements gain some form of resolution within which the dynamic characteristics latent within each are enhanced through interaction with others. The work is made because, and in spite of, my intentions.
I was born in Manchester in 1969 and studied Fine Art at the University of Ulster and University of Central Lancashire, under Lubaina Himid and Pete Clarke. I left England in 1992 and lived in Poland and the United States, before coming to China in 1995. I have lived in China continuously since then, spending time in several provinces before settling in Beijing in 2000. From 1995 onwards, I have mainly shown my work in Beijing: having had, in February 2004, the first one-person show at 798 Space. From 2005-2009 I was appointed as a Fine Art Studio Lecturer and Lecturer in Historical and Critical Studies and  by The Glasgow School of Art, becoming, in 2007, the Academic Coordinator (Programme Leader) of its Undergraduate Programme in Contemporary Fine Art and Design, jointly delivered with Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. Since 2009, I have focused on my practice and taught Visual Art at Beijing World Youth Academy (2009-2013) and Western Academy of Beijing, and as a visiting lecturer, at Tsinghua University's Academy of Fine Arts.

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